Saturday, November 19, 2011

2012 and its layers of objectives

The central challenge for business leaders looking over the horizon to 2012 is:  how to address many layers of objectives at the same time.

It’s not enough to just find new revenue growth or to create more profitability; the problem is to do both at the same time.

It isn’t just the need to produce better brand performance in the short term that makes our jobs hard, but also the need to produce results today and build for tomorrow at the same time.

Every leader and every company I know in health, science, and technology faces these seemingly impossible and simultaneous objectives.

That’s why the companies which are winning are those that not only strengthen individual brands, but also increase the innovation ability of the whole portfolio. That means new products contributing profitably sooner. Sales at launch that endure through the entire lifecycle. And high-performing brands within a valuable whole.

In my book, N-of-8, I offer a look at some obstacles that managers can fall into that can break up a brand team rather than lead to breakout innovation.

Specifically, I present details of each of the four primary ways to apply the N-of-8 methods. For each, I identify what can make N-of-8 compatible the objectives of the team.

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