Thursday, November 24, 2011

2 experts answer "What are the opportunities for drug repositioning?"

Drug repositioning is a growing field, with many companies looking to exploit its potential.  

In today’s blog, we hear from two industry executives:

  1. Ken Phelps, president and CEO, Camargo Pharmaceutical Services. Phelps founded Camargo in 2003 as a strategic partner in drug development, including drug repositioning.

  2. Steven Flostrand, MBA, business development director, Marco Polo Pharmaceuticals. “From a commercial perspective, with the era of ‘easy’ discoveries seemingly over, it makes sense to revisit existing drugs to ensure that we are making the best possible use of them.” Marco Polo Pharmaceuticals, founded in 2008, specializes in geographic repositioning — developing existing drugs for new markets.

Phelps says, “Generic companies are aware that as pharma pipelines decline, there will be a fall in the number of molecules coming off patent, so they are using drug repositioning to create new markets. Pharmaceutical companies are using drug repositioning to extend the life cycles of marketed products, creating new patents and defending themselves against generic competition, and to salvage the investment in failed or failing drug candidates. Finally, entrepreneurs are creating new drug repositioning companies to provide a service.”

Flostrand comments, “Many older drugs and drug candidates in development have never been fully explored. These can be looked on as resources, as they already have stores of valuable preclinical and clinical data on toxicity, safety, and dosing.”

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