Monday, November 28, 2011

3 ideas how “recommendation algorithms” could have a role in pharma marketing

Recommendation algorithms are best known for their use on e-commerce Web sites, where they generate a list of recommended items based on input about a customer’s interests.

When you compare two important measures of Web-based and email advertising effectiveness – click-through and conversion rates – these personalized suggestions perform vastly better compared to untargeted content (such as banner ads and top-seller lists).
From our pharma marketing viewpoint, I’ve been pondering the health, medical, and wellness applications of such recommendations:
  1. If you have this condition, you should pay attention to these associated risk factors.
  2. If you’re taking this prescription, you might consider this companion product/food to make it more tolerable.
  3. If you are seeing this kind of doctor, you could also benefit from these supportive healthcare services. 
Read more about these CRM-enabled Web messages on my Brand Liberator blog post at

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Anonymous said...

Bonnie Feldman (@DrBonnie360)


I have been asking the same question as a follow up to my research on mobile health games and online support for behavior change

There is some beginning hints at this question in the Quantified Self movement and again in the crowd sourcing companies such as Patients Like Me and Cure Together. I will be at the mHealth Summit in Washington pondering the use of these types of data analytics in healthcare.