Monday, November 17, 2008

6 checkpoints to master social storytelling

Here are six checkpoints suggested by Lars Bastholm (co-chief creative officer of AKQA) that'll help get you started mastering the art of social storytelling and invite consumers into the conversation:

1. Look at any marketing effort as the beginning of a conversation.

2. Closely monitor the conversation and be ready to respond to consumers.

3. Provide consumers with tools that help them carry on the conversation for you.

4. Leave room for consumers to interact. Make sure your creative universe is big enough that there are unexplored areas.

5. The conversation is over when the consumers say it is, not when the media plan (or the budget) says it is.

6. Listen and learn from the feedback loop.

Read his “Social Storytelling” point-of-view at§ionId=pov

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