Thursday, November 06, 2008

“I do it for the love of it.”

I recently had coffee with an old friend and colleague. We were comparing experiences, stories, good times, and struggles. I ask him why, after all these years, does he still do this. And he said, “I do it for the love of it.”

Walking home with my iPod Shuffle on, a song came on that proves there are no coincidences in this world. It reinforced my friend’s comment perfectly. And listening to the lyrics in a professional, client-service, and career context gave the song a whole new meaning.


I would fly ten thousand miles
In the pouring rain
Just to see your face
I'd bare my soul to a total stranger
Just to say your name
And I'm not ashamed

I won't do it for money
I won't do it for pride
I won't do it to please somebody else
If it don't feel right
But I'll do it for you
And at least I'll try
I don't need any other reason
Than I feel it deep inside

I'll Do It For Love
I would write your name across the sky
So the world could see
What you mean to me
I'd sing songs at the top of my voice
In an empty room
Just to dance with you

I'll Do It For Love
What I do for love can take us anywhere at all

(Hall & Oates)

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