Friday, November 21, 2008

2016 Olympic bid: Chicago makes glossy pitch for Olympics in Istanbul today

Guests at the Istanbul Hilton woke up this morning to find striking views of Chicago under their room doors.

Wrapped around copies of the International Herald Tribune was a four-page section on high-quality glossy paper celebrating what its cover called, in French and English, "a spectacular setting for sport."

The front-page photo was an aerial view of Millennium Park, with the logo of Chicago's 2016 Olympic bid in the lower-right corner.

The promotional section was aimed at the Olympic officials gathered for the 37th General Assembly of the European Olympic Committees. The four candidates for the 2016 Summer Games - Chicago, Madrid, Tokyo and Rio de Janeiro - are to present highlights of their bid plans to the gathering this afternoon. Below shows the President of Turkey,Abdullah Gül, and the IOC.

The special section, included with only those IHT copies distributed at the Hilton, also had pictures of the Chicago marathon, the Chicago triathlon, 2007 World Boxing Championships in Chicago, a beach volleyball tournament and the lakefront parks.

The cost of the promotion was said to be about $10,000.

"Each year tens of millions of people attend cultural festivals and sporting events in Chicago's lake front parks and around the city," says the text block on the inside pages. "Chicago's passion for sport is visible throughout the year in massive participation, cheering sections for every team and sold-out events in every arena."

All four pages showed off the panoramas a worldwide TV audience might see in 2016, since the Chicago bid focuses on having events concentrated in the center of the city.

"Chicago's historic lake front green spaces form a ready-made Olympic park set against the dramatic backdrop of the city skyline," reads the text accompanying the back cover picture of the city looking south from Lincoln Park. Many of these locations are just steps away from the best that Chicago has to offer - cultural, shopping, dining and the main entertainment district."

Follow the BBC Turkish link for more on the Chicago pitch: .

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