Wednesday, November 26, 2008

4 profiles of integrated wireless device users – an example of PERSONA® applied to cell phones.

The latest issue of AT&T Mobility magazine features a profile of four people using their phones to “enrich their day-to-day lives.”
It offers a good example of our PERSONA® tool that combines demographic and lifestyle data to paint the picture of a target customer.

The users presented by AT&T are:

1. The mobile exec: even busy bosses need a break, which is why Donald Palmer, 54, likes to unwind by watching SportsCenter on ESPN Channel or playing Sopranos poker.

2. The style maven: As a freelance fashion photo producer, Denise Chi, 27, must constantly stay in touch with clients, a challenge when she’s in the field on a shoot.

3. The savvy shopper: Dawn Joplin, 38, describes herself as a domestic engineer, meaning this busy mom is constantly on the go, managing the household of her husband and three children.

4. The tech-head: College sophomore Antoine Davis, 19, is hip to all the latest trends. Antoine takes advantage of AT&T’s network of 17,000 Wi-Fi hotspots – it’s like having a PC in his pocket.

See the page scan for photos and other lifestyle callouts.

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