Tuesday, June 12, 2012

N-of-8 groups we could not accomplish without web-cams

As I mentioned yesterday, I was featured in the May issue of QUIRK'S Market Research Review, a leading industry publication.

The article highlighted many examples of combining the high-touch of personal customer insights with the high-tech of virtual groups and online interviews.

In addition to the example that was included in the article, I also shared two other groups we could not have accomplished without web-cams:
  1. A half-day advisory board with thought-leaders from around the country. Several of the physicians told us they no longer travel for these kinds of groups. It takes too much time away from their practices or teaching responsibilities – especially for a relatively short working session. Instead, we used the webcam platform so the doctors in 6 different cities could participate right from their offices.
  2. Focus groups among patients with a rare medical condition. Because the number of patients was limited, and their condition makes travel difficult, we used webcams to create a series of focus groups from patients’ homes. It was especially emotional when some participants told us it was the first time they had met someone else with their condition.

Thanks again to QUIRK'S for including me, and to my friends at Fieldwork Webwork for arranging it.

And especially thanks to the clients who take a chance with this kind of innovation.

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