Wednesday, June 13, 2012

N-of-8 groups online can have drawbacks to work around

I’ve been posting this week about my feature in the May issue of QUIRK'S Market Research Review, a leading industry publication.

The article highlighted many examples of combining the high-touch of personal customer insights with the high-tech of virtual groups and online interviews.

In addition to the positive aspects that were included in the article, I was also ask my perspective on any downsides.

There have been two drawbacks that have required me to devise creative solutions to work around.
  1. Creating group rapport if the technology has glitches. It can be potentially distracting if people are too focused on their web connection or hearing the other participants.
  2. Creating composite brand stories from multiple elements. The “slide sorter” can work, but it’s not the same as boards, Velcro, or cut-and-paste exercises.
Thanks again to QUIRK'S for including me, and to Crystal at Fieldwork Webwork for arranging it.

And I’m reminded to thank colleagues like Cindy, Melanie, Eva, and Anita who have helped improve the workability of this kind of innovation.

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