Sunday, February 05, 2012

5 most-read Brand Innovator posts last month

I was reviewing some stats on the most read articles on my blog for the last month.

And because they're so popular, I thought I'd recap the top 5:

– about the publisher, media magnate, composer and orchestral conductor who arranged songs for Frank Sinatra and produced three Michael Jackson albums – including Thriller, still the bestselling album ever recorded by an individual artist.   From January 2012.

– with information about developments that will help researchers and marketers identify patient populations most likely to respond to their medications. From October 2010.

– excerpted from one of my favorite features of WIRED magazine, this clearly illustrates that’s it is not what’s inside – but what it does – that really matters. Here is what's really in 2000 Flushes. See for yourself if this is really what makes the brand.  From November 2008.

– with the list from this parable using historical personalities and events.  It may not be especially original (and it's not a book you would read for its literary qualities),  but it does offer powerful lessons from the past to inspire today's reader.  From February 2010.

– highlighted from the editors of Pharmaceutical Executive, who believe that what still makes it hard to assess prospects for biosimilars is the challenge of defining the terms of engagement. “The concept itself is open to interpretation, which leads to definitional problems,” they write. “In addition to biosimilars, which are essentially generic versions of branded off-patent biologics, there are biobetters, which are conceived to differ from the originator in formulation or delivery mode with the overall aim of obtaining an improved pharmacokinetic profile. This leads in turn to a lack of clarity in figuring where the real opportunities are and defining a strategy to exploit them.”  From October 2010.

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