Thursday, February 16, 2012

Inspiration for a strategist: Centre d’analyse stratégique

While I was in Paris last month, I passed by the Centre d’analyse stratégique.

Of course, as a strategist, the name got my attention.

I set out to learn more about it. The Centre d’analyse stratégique is a research-based advisory institution under the authority of the Prime Minister of France.  Its mission is to advise the government in defining and implementing its strategic policies on economic, social, environmental and technologic matters.

In fact, the week I was in Paris, the Centre released “The areas of new growth: a projection for 2030”.  The most important aspect of this report highlights the potential for reinvention of traditional industries, so that France is able to position itself for the future of specialization and services of tomorrow.  This will create room for growth in productivity and quality.

You can learn more about the Centre, and even download the full report, at

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