Monday, July 13, 2009

10 Top Most Important Musical Innovations of the last 50 years

The Walkman, the clunky portable cassette player, has been named the best musical invention of the last 50 years by T3, a leading gadget magazine.
  1. Sony Walkman
  2. MP3 format
  3. Apple iPod 1st Generation
  4. CD
  5. Napster
  6. Dolby
  7. DAB radio
  8. Boombox
  9. Sonos Multi-Room Music System
  10. Panasonic Technics DJ deck
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1 comment:

Jairaj said...

I give credit to The Music Genome Project by Pandora for the online radio revolution.

And I also nominate the Karaoke machine because it introduced a whole new musical experience for people and anyone can sing along, regardless of age, culture, language or knowing the words. Loved by many, feared by some, but fun for everyone.