Monday, July 06, 2009

1963 Corvairs – a car brand that brings back memories

Also on the 4th, we took a drive to the past – the classic and muscle car show in Middleton, Idaho. It was a real treat to see two 1963 Corvairs, just like my daddy drove when I was a toddler.

Thanks to Brenda and Dennis Stephenson for sharing a look at their cars. They are also the driving force behind the Boise Basin Corvair Club. Click here to check out their site.

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brian cohan said...


You will be glad to know that my first mobile was a 63 "vair" convertible, featuring a heating unit which spewed carbon monoxide and the infamous transmission on the dash. Of course, Nader, in addition to sinking the 2000 election, sunk the auto with his tome "Unsafe At Any Speed". Will he be going away anytime soon?