Thursday, July 02, 2009

What Pharma can learn from Pringles

Last week was the Cannes Advertising Festival. It's the Oscars of the ad world with awards given out in many different categories, including e-marketing. Its Cyber awards represent the best of the best in digital marketing in every industry. The digital agency for Pringles, Bridge Worldwide, created a banner ad (yes, banner ad) that won a Gold Cyber Lion award.

Read what Jonathan Richman, director of business development at Bridge Worldwide, thinks about how a Pringles banner ad can tell us something about digital marketing in pharma and healthcare. Click here to read his blog post.

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Patrick Smith said...

The Pringles ad had a lot of personality packed into 306 x 256 pixles. The humor and wit goes a long way in keeping people entertained and I personally like the soft sell approach. I kept waiting for a pay off but I was okay when there wasn't one. I don't need to go to the Pringles web site to learn more... I get all I need right there for a product that I'm already familiar with.

In regards to Pharma... I don't see a lot of brands tapping into this approach but it might be a nice angle to drive disease awareness or a franchise message. The banner ad is a good reminder that sometimes you need to do something out of the ordinary and let it lead you to a new place.

I'm not sure I saw it as a Gold winner but what do I know. Maybe the simple idea smartly executed is finally breaking through.