Friday, July 24, 2009

4 guiding principles supporting our R & D of innovation tools and techniques

Blog topic submitted by Melanie Stinson

The R & D for medical treatments that can save, prolong, and improve lives begin with inspiration. Then, they take form through innovation and collaboration. And finally, they emerge ready to meet patient needs.

We at Stinson Brand Innovation work closely with leading healthcare corporations, clinical institutions, and universities R& D to brand, and launch these advances in biomedical technologies.

Every day, we’re applying and integrating our core capabilities to R & D for biomedical technologies so we can accelerate new treatment options for physicians and patients across a broad spectrum of specialties including immunology, oncology, endocrinology, cardiology, neurophysiology, and research bioreagents.

This R & D view applies to our own consulting tools, too.

Here are four guiding principles that help support our research & development of new techniques and creative ideas:
  1. Go early, go often. Building experimentation into your business is harder than you think. Start small and stay focused. Try everything, but don’t try it all in one prototype.
  2. Learning by doing. Build value for the business as you prototype. If you fail, what will you have learned? What will you salvage?
  3. Inspiration through constraint. Don’t exhaust yourself searching for money and resources. The tighter your constraints, the more creative your prototypes will be.
  4. Open to opportunity. Look for unanticipated ways customers are using your offering. Their improvisations may be the future of your business.

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