Thursday, July 16, 2009

110-story Sears Tower re-branding today

The sleek black building that looms over this city's skyline has for 36 years been instantly recognizable as the Sears Tower. Until now.

The 110-story building — once the world's tallest, now the tallest in the Western Hemisphere — officially became the Willis Tower Thursday in a ceremony in downtown Chicago.

The switch was part of the deal struck by Willis Group Holdings, an insurance brokerage with offices in New York and London, when it leased 150,000 square feet in the famous skyscraper.

Company Chairman and CEO Joseph Plumeri and Mayor Richard Daley unveiled a sign out front bearing the tower's new name.

Getting city residents to embrace the change, however, may not be so easy. Read more background, along with reader comments, in this morning's USA Today.

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