Thursday, July 23, 2009

3 unlikely items used to create "inFamous" soundtrack -- old metal shelving unit, bungee cord, flowerpots

To create a unique soundscape that matches the ruined urban environments and desolate atmosphere of the recently released PlayStation3 game "inFamous," the sound engineers and musicians at Sony drew sounds and music out of a wide variety of found objects and musical instruments used in unorthodox ways.

Sony invited WIRED out to its Foster City studio to find out about the creative process. The result is the video you can watch below.

Stringed instruments like zithers and cellos were used for percussion. A violin bow drawn over a garbage can lid produced a haunting wail. In the hands of well-known composers like Amon Tobin and Sony’s internal music staff, a room full of unlikely objects were coaxed into giving up a most intriguing game soundtrack.

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