Saturday, August 21, 2010

“How I Built It” -- inspired this poem

On June 3, Melanie  attended the “How I Built It” event for business owners, entrepreneurs, and big thinkers. It was a live panel interview and discussion moderated by Colleen DeBaise, the small business editor of The Wall Street Journal. 

The event brought together 5 successful entrepreneurs who shed light on a few key critical insights on how they got started, how their idea boomed, and how they are growing every day.

The panel consisted of:
Seth Goldman, Co-Founder, Honest Team
Bob MacLeod, Co-Founder, Kiss My Face
Andrew Mason, Founder and CEO,
Alexis Maybank, Founder, Gilt Groupe
Debbie Meyer, Co-Founder, Housewares America

She submitted the following poem to summarize the experiences of the panel members and how they all impacted her in different ways:

And when I looked up at the stage…

I didn’t see stars
I didn’t see suits
I didn’t see pride
I saw how they built it
I saw a panel of dreamers

Ordinary people turned innovators
Asking for capital and fighting for sustainable
Creating channels and finding distributors
Researching better ways to do things

The public making policy
A policy to make things better
Actually making things for the betterment of the public
A public success

A runner was thirsty
Bottled his own tea
Created his own distribution
Coca Cola now sticks to the mission

A brilliant fashionista found a tribe
And created demand online
E-commerce for designer goods
Showing everyone what the internet could

An organic farmer put his products on shelves
Did it his way; lived off the Hudson Bay
Kisses our faces with a brand, everyday

An inventor whose face is her brand
Green bags and cake cutters
More than 100 million sold
HSN is the way to go

A young developer for social action
Creating web tools, but what’s the point
Finds community online
Through a local store of discounts

These 5 innovators have more than 1 thing in common
Surrounding themselves with people they trust
Finding real solutions to problems
Everyday, living innovation, living on the cusp

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