Thursday, August 05, 2010

10 most addictive sounds in the world

Sound plays an important part in our lives.

Whether listening for traffic when crossing the street, or hearing that familiar dial tone when making phone calls, sound has the power to motivate us to buy more, want more, and dream more.

According to a study conducted on 50 volunteers by Buyology, Inc. and Elias Arts (and published in Fast Company), sound has a remarkable effect on consumers.  In fact, many advertising jingles have a stronger addictive power than familiar sounds in nature, such as birds chirping or waves breaking.

Check out this list of the Top 10 Most Addictive Sounds, and see how many you can hear or sing along to in your head:
  1. Baby's Giggle
  2. Intel's Bong
  3. Vibrating Phone
  4. Classic Cash Register
  5. National Geographic Theme
  6. MTV Theme
  7. T-Mobile Ringtone
  8. McDonald's Theme
  9. "Star-Spangled Banner"
  10. State Farm Theme

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