Tuesday, August 31, 2010

40 Hottest Brands last year -- who will make the list for 2010?

While consumer spending in 2009 was slowing down, some marketers were increasing their innovations -- and their market share.

Last year's list of the "40 Hottest Brands in America" include start-ups, like Bonobos and ZipCar, collectors' items, like the Jordan brand, and established brands looking to vamp up their sales, such as Walmart Great Value.

Whether it has been repackaging, free samples, or online marketing, these brands have taken the plunge and, as a result, have gained loyal followers and great results. Click here to read more.

Even though we are well into 3Q10, there is still time to make an impact with your brand.  What lessons can we learn?  What brands will make the top 40 list of this year?

Looking forward to your comments.

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