Monday, August 23, 2010

2 in A2U means “exponential” influence of attitude

“A growing body of research suggests that...emotions find their way into the office and, when it comes time to pick a medicine, influence prescribing behavior,” says a recent posting on Eye For Pharma (click here to read full content).

In the online article, Nayana Vogel, a consultant with Kantar Health, is quoted, “We all like to believe that we are rational, considered decision-makers. Physicians are no exception. Indeed, when asked, physicians will state their decisions are based on clinical evidence, experience, and the patient situation.”  But, Vogel says, doctors’ emotions wield surprising power over their decisions, especially when it comes time to choose one brand over another.

This supports our proprietary customer analysis and navigational tool, A2U®.  At Stinson Brand Innovation, our experience is that “attitude” exerts an exponential influence on discovering what registers with customers. In addition to understanding customers’ awareness and usage of information, A2U reveals true driving forces behind emotional response, and discovers what registers with customers, and enables you to track the chain reaction of behavior.

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