Tuesday, August 24, 2010

8 global CMOs share their insights on worldwide brands

It’s like conducting your own N-of-8® group with chief marketing officers – from a wide range of industries with a wide range of challenges.  As your “facilitator,” I encourage you to read their comments for ideas that could inform the strategy and story for your health, science, or technology brand.
  1. Larry Gulko, Cybex believes there’s big value in teaming up with “Biggest Loser” TV show
  2. Rick Bendel, Walmart says, “'I don't believe that working with a single global agency would give value” 
  3. Lorraine Twohill, Google thinks “Everyone is facing the same knowledge gap no matter where you are in the world”
  4. Keith Weed, Unilever envisions “The more global you are, the more digital you become”
  5. Trevor Edwards, Nike VP-global brand and category management, reminds us “Ideas rule. ideas are in charge”
  6. Alfredo Gangotena, MasterCard expresses “You can have a global message, but it needs to be delivered locally.” (and he’s got the experience to have such an opinion; The quintessential global CMO -- born in Germany, raised in Latin America -- he has lived on four continents, speaks four languages and has marketed products globally from diapers to Disneyland France.)
  7. Philip McAveety, Starwood Hotels and Resorts chief brand officer focuses by stating “Our job is to actually drive trial and drive loyalty” 
  8. Erin Mulligan Nelson, Dell said in launching the company's first global campaign tagged Take Your Own Path, “Social media enables the conversations to happen faster, more globally”
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