Wednesday, June 17, 2009

San Diego's bio-pharma hub: where new ideas are emerging

We're always looking for more inspiration in our mission to accelerate
the adoption of new medical treatments.

So on a recent trip to San Diego, Melanie and I captured some photos of
biomedical research and education centers where scientists are working
to advance human health.

The centers are exploring new ideas in small molecules, genomics,
bioinformatics, high throughput screening, and structural biology. Their
efforts further translate the exciting discoveries being made every day
in laboratories into improved diagnostic and treatment technologies that
benefit all patients.

There are many examples of academia and industry joining as partners
with complementary expertise -- and the common goal of addressing unmet
medical needs. San Diego has an established history of partnerships that
facilitate the development of drugs and technologies based on research
discoveries. This approach set the foundation for San Diego's emergence
as a global biotechnology and pharmaceutical hub.

We at Stinson Brand Innovation are pleased to be working with many
companies in the region to support their efforts.

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