Wednesday, June 10, 2009

7 key highlights of “Building the Optimal Service Model” – how to drive business by creating the right brand experiences with physicians customers

Recently, one of our project managers, Brandy Gonsoulin, participated in a seminar with more than 800 other industry colleagues on “Building the Optimal Service Model: Creating the Right Physician Experiences to Drive Business.”

The presentation was conducted by TNS Healthcare.

Because Brandy found the program to be a valuable guide to helping design and execute effective service models that meet physician needs — and drive improved brand performance in the market — I’m pleased to share the slides for references to readers of our blog.

As you will read, the presentation shares many compelling insights. They derived from the results of TNS Healthcare’s latest research with 1,500+ GPs across the US and EU on the doctors' experience preferences and ratings of 17 Pharma companies on their reps, relationships, and services. As you will see, the findings reveal a wealth of new challenges and fresh opportunities.

The three presenters of “Building the Optimal Service Model: Creating the Right Physician Experiences to Drive Business” were from TNS Healthcare...
  • Mark Sales, Global Practice Leader, Stakeholder Management. His topic was “Listening to Your Customers: Where Doctors See Change and What They Want From Your Reps”
  • Martin Silverman, Senior Vice President and Practice Leader, Sales Force Effectiveness. He reviewed the “Global Sales Force Effectiveness: 2009 Survey Results”
  • Andrew Brana, Senior Global Consultant, Sales Performance Optimization. He summarized the “Service Model Report Card: How Physicians Rate Companies on Service Model Delivery”
The seven key highlights of the seminar are:
  1. Physicians continue to place strong value on sales reps’ skills; diverse set of specific sales rep behaviors sought
  2. Physician education and information remains highly valued, and is increasingly a sales driver. Different information access channels show varying levels of interest.
  3. Patient, practice and Internet services have significant interest in certain markets.
  4. Novartis maintains overall performance lead, but still closely followed by competitors like Pfizer, Merck, AZ, Sanofi and GSK. Tighter US race, with Merck leading on overall service-mix quality.
  5. Relationship quality trends down in US and UK, up in Spain, still challenging in UK and France
  6. High market resistance continues in Europe and increased into negative levels in US
  7. Alignment between favorable company market resistance situation and sales performance
The sales performance survey design was drawn from TNS Healthcare’s Sales Performance Optimization (SPO) and DetailMed customer research offerings designed to optimize and monitor sales strategy performance. For more details, contact

Or contact me to review the specifics findings and implications for your brand.

If you would like to download a pdf of the presentation, click here.

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