Monday, June 08, 2009

10 ways to tweet

I am a follower of Guy Kawasaki’s blog, and he recently offered some great advice on how to "Create a Twitter following."

1. Follow the “smores,” or social media whores

Get a good idea of who these opinion leaders are by viewing, and

2. Send @ messages to the smores

They probably wont’ answer you, but that’s OK. “Its not who you know. It’s who appears to know you.”

3. Create an effective avatar

Use a simple, informal, straight up mug shot.

4. Follow everyone who follows you

Some people will respond to you and everyone who follows them will see this—which is more exposure for you.

5. Always link to interesting stories and pictures

Think of yourself as a one-person StumbleUpon.

6. Establish yourself as a subject expert

That way, you’ll be interesting to some subset of people.

7. Incorporate pictures and other media

Anthing and everything works.

8. Use the right tools

Use TweetDeck on MacBook and Tweetie on iPhone, as well as Adjix and Posterous.

9. Repeat your tweets

Post your most interesting tweets three times, eight to 12 hours apart. Most people check in at about the same time everyday, so people probably won’t notice repeat tweets.

10. Ask people to follow

That’s right: Just come right out and ask them.

You can follow me on Twitter -- at you guessed it, "brandinnovator"

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