Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Paradise in the midst of chaos

Everywhere we went around Mumbai, we were fasicinated by the flora.
And there's no better collection than in the Hanging Gardens -- located at the highest point in the city center. The neighborhood is called Malabar Hill and is the most elite residential area of Mumbai, including home to the state's Governor.

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mizz_lophe said...

how about Indonesia?have u been visited there? i'm from indonesia. let me tell you little about my country....
it has a lot of beautiful islands, flora, kindness people like me. hehehe, that was a joke.
well, how about you start from Bogor? this city has Botanical Garden Bogor.
and then Bali island. have you ever been listen? what a good place to take a rest and relaxing.
and my hometown, Tasikmalaya. it has beautiful handicraft in Rajapolah city near from Tasikmalaya. so, i'm waiting for your comment. c u! u have a nice trip