Tuesday, October 28, 2008

3-minute survey on the "Coolest and Gaps" in brand experiences

I want to invite you all to participate in the "Coolest & Gaps" annual survey launched by Allegro 234, a brand consultancy in Madrid, Spain. My colleague Cristián Saracco is the founder and CEO of the firm, and he sent me this announcement:

Take the survey at https://www.questback.com/allegro234sl/coolestandgaps/

The survey is designed to learn the best brand experiences and the gaps in the different sectors. Unlike other surveys of this kind, "Coolest & Gaps" is the first study based on open answers and is designed to go beyond a simple ranking.

It's good to understand how to build a brand experience that is worth living, its usefulness, its value, its functionality ... the emotions it arouses. General Electric is one of the brands with higher value on a global basis, however, there are brands such as Agent Provocateur, Virgin or Patagonia whose value is significantly lower, however, generate a far more relevant experience to their target audiences… and this, in some point may be more important to know and useful to take decisions about our brands.

This initiative is being carried forward on a global level, through the publication of the invitation to participate in it, in different strategic marketing and branding blogs.

"Coolest & Gaps" is an online survey. It can be completed in less than three minutes and additionally among those who answer, 30 "Gift Cards" from Amazon will be given away. So take the surevey at https://www.questback.com/allegro234sl/coolestandgaps/

Votes may be cast until 11/14/08, and the results will be published in mid-December at the web sites of Allegro 234 (http://www.allegro234.net ) and Brand 3.0 (http://www.webjam.com/brand30 ).

Allegro 234 is a team of consultants specializing in creative and strategic marketing and branding. Recent clients include: Cosentino, Castilla y Leon, Casa del Libro, Codorniu, Grupo Lar, NOZAR Group, Grupo Uriach, Uralita Group, Repsol YPF.


Chris Bodmann said...

What a great way to involve ourselves in the global branding community! I will be taking this survey ASAP!

Cris Saracco said...

Hi Mark!

Thnk you very much for your support!...

I hope we arrive to good results to share, learn and act!...



Jorge Díez Pérez said...

The 2013 Coolest & Gaps Branding Survey is here! :) http://s.zoomerang.com/s/CoolestAndGaps2013

Silvia -Una Fan Incondicional- said...

Hi Mark!

We're having our survey again. You're invited to participate and take part of our fourth report.
Thanks so much!