Thursday, November 29, 2007

Where to use customized content in a media mix

As proven with our Evangelist Effect® tool, customers would rather get their information from an article than an ad. And now a recent survey of Chief Marketing Officers confirms that they agree on the positive effect on readers’ attitudes.

The survey of CMOs by Roper Public Affairs and reported in this month’s CONTENT magazine revealed the level of use of customized content in the following media:

87% -- Web content and websites
68% -- Print newsletters
67% -- E-newsletters
63% -- Conferences
56% -- Print magazines
46% -- Advertorials
30% -- Webcasts/podcasts
28% -- Webinars
18% -- Digital magazines
14% -- Blogs
10% -- Infomercials

There was an important caveat, however: fluff doesn’t work.

If it is useful, solid information on practical things, that’s what is important to people.

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