Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Give one, get one

Mark your calendars and go to laptopgiving.org to signup for an email reminder. November 12 is the day you can get your hands on the new XO laptop designed for the One Laptop Per Child initiative.

Through their "Give One, Get One" program, you can donate $399 which will provide one laptop for a child in a third-world country. One of these new machines will also be sent to you. So for $400, you can not only help bring technology to those who need it (the first will likely go out to Peru), but you can get an innovative machine for yourself.

The XO is a tough, solar-powered (battery recharge) machine with a 7.5" screen. It is designed to withstand consistent 140-degree temperatures, be viewable under direct sunlight, and has a swiveling monitor that turns it into an e-book reader. It has an appealing design and has ultra-sensitive wi-fi antennae. It also features an innovative operating system designed specifically for the children of developing nations.


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Patrick said...

Great design has no end. From the machine itself to the program to the inpiration of the kids and communities it helps along the way. This is design at its best.