Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Creating abundance from a seedling of an idea

On Wednesday, November 28 Indonesia is aiming to plant some 79 million trees in a day-long event ahead of a global climate change conference it will host.

The nation's 71,000 villages, plus some 8,000 other administrative areas, will each plant 1,000 trees.

Officials say they want to show the world that it's not true that Indonesia is only a country that carries out forest destruction

Indonesia has been criticized for failure to stop widespread illegal logging that, according to Greenpeace, cost almost 5 million acres of forests per year between 2000 and 2005. It has one of the fastest rates of deforestation on the planet and is one of the top 3 producers of greenhouse gas pollution.

The event is part of a campaign spearheaded by the UN Environment Program to plant a billion trees around the world in 2007 in a bid to help avert climate change.

This might inspire you to plant a tree in your own neighborhood. Even more, consider any undertaking of massive impact – something that might create abundance from just a seedling of an idea. What you plant could be extraordinary, too.

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