Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mark's Trip to Mexico - Part 6, Institute

Our friend and host, Jorge Gastelum, is the head of a new institute that offers technical training for Sonora’s workers to meet the demands of economic growth – and help create a better quality of life.

The ICATSON offers its students a unique combination of improved human, social, and economic development.

Starting with just 3 staff last year, they have grown rapidly. So far in 2007, the ICATSON has qualified more than 300 students through its regular courses that promote enterprising characteristics and operation of business, including:
• Auto Maintenance
• Beauty Services
• Carpentry
• Clothes
• Electrical
• English
• Industrial Control Systems
• Microcomputers
• Welding

A key factor in the institute’s success is the collaboration of social, private, and public sectors. And it’s Jorge who passionately works to bring them all together.

Check out their website...

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