Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What does your brand sound like?

Branding is about a lot of things. Storytelling, connection, memorability, experience. Our business focuses on making some pretty basic connections, but one that often takes the back seat to visuals is sound.

DMI Music and Media Solutions has been thinking about sounds for 10 years. Their philosophy is simple – the best way to create loyalty is through emotion; and the best way to create emotion is through music.

My idea stretches from that. We do creative brainstorming sessions all the time. But how would an audio brainstorming session work? You could bring in 20 sounds that reflect the business and see how they resonate. You could think about the product and figure out what sounds come to mind first.

Lots of companies have used sounds to great effect. Sprint was so clear you could hear a pin drop. And who can forget the signature sound of Intel Inside.

This becomes especially useful in the modern landscape. With the advent of cell phone ringtones, you can provide your brand sound for free download.

Sound is everywhere. Let’s not forget to tap into its possibilities!

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