Thursday, September 27, 2007

We’d like you to meet our four new friends!

You may already be familiar with our website but we wanted to make sure you were aware of the site’s new look and new friends. Now the Stinson Family is comprised of four websites! What’s more, all of them are setup not only to assist you with your branding needs, but to be destination sites for your daily needs as well. You can get your news, weather, directions, and learn about great books or music.

Here’s some detail on each of the sites and the features they provide:
Stinson Brand Innovation: this is our main site, there to connect all of our branding work. The site features local Chicago weather through a link with The Weather Channel, pharmaceutical business news headlines through Pharmaceutical Executive’s online magazine, and a link to our book pick for the month through Amazon. Inside the site, you can see who we are working with, sample some of our portfolio of work, and take a look at some of the awards we have won.
StinsonGEM: this site is home to our Groups, Events, and Media division headquartered in beautiful Boise, Idaho. The site features a panoramic view of downtown Boise, local Boise weather through a link with The Weather Channel, media news headlines through Media Week’s online magazine, and Medical Meeting news headlines through MeetingsNet. Inside the site, you can see how we handle groups, events, and media and sample some of the work we have done.
StinsonLab: visit this site to experience some of the newest media technologies to apply to your branding needs. The site features a fun satellite mapping program through a link with Virtual Earth, a link to Mark Stinson’s view of the branding environment through his blog on Blogger (, tech sector news headlines through Wired’s online magazine, and a link to our music pick for the month through iTunes. Inside the site, you can take a look at what we can do to feature, project, inform, educate, survey, and display your brand.
StinsonGlobal: this site is the umbrella for our global branding network and features links to our other Stinson Family sites as well as to Rekmar, our partner in Instanbul.

Whether you are an old friend who hasn’t checked in for a while or someone who is looking for some help with your brand, stop on by one of our sites and take a look. While you are at it, make our site your home page – it will keep you in the loop with things that are going on in your world!

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