Friday, September 21, 2007

Just because your products are pervasive doesn’t mean you can ignore your brand

Dow Chemical has figured that out, and their stock values have responded well to the added corporate identity attention.

Sure, Dow products are everywhere, but chemical companies are still feared. So Dow has decided to create a very elegant corporate branding push that highlights the “human element” in their work.

In addition to spending $25 million on this one campaign (this is in addition to the $5 million Dow is already spending on advertising), Dow is getting involved in projects such as the Blue Planet Run Foundation’s world-wide relay race. This campaign emphasizes the need for clean water.

It seems that the greatest human element at play here is Dow CEO Andrew Liveris. His buy-in to this campaign is a large part of why it is successful.

Check out one of Dow's human element ads in all its poetic glory.

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