Friday, September 14, 2007

The Bloggies take a view of out of the box marketing tools

It is a tough game out there, and being on the front line of getting products noticed requires the use of tried and true strategies along with other, more creative tool. Here’s my take of some of the new uses of media, in the form of my Bloggies rating scale.

Advergaming ◄◄
(too distracting and not closely associated with the product)

Direct Mail ►
(good, solid tool)

Guerilla Marketing ►
(sometimes you have to pound the pavement)

Mobile Phones ►►
(innovative use of a pervasive technology)

Outdoor Advertising ►
(another tried and true one)

Viral Marketing ►►
(good, but by definition impossible to control, which is its strength and its weakness)

Podcasts ►►
(another good use of pervasive tech)

Social Networking ►
(potential, but I have not seen a real innovative use yet)

Health Club Ads ►
(talk about targeted marketing)

User-Generated Content ►
(again, difficult to control)

Word of Mouth ►►
(always good to leverage WOM)

► Represents a good idea (Play)

►► Represents a great idea, a real innovation (Fast Forward)

◄◄ Represents a bad idea, something that moves things in the wrong direction (Rewind)

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