Monday, June 12, 2006

Brand Innovation In Supply Chain

Too often when we think about brand innovation, we start with a logo and product enhancement. But if we expand our thinking to the overall brand experience, a more robust brand emerges. In some cases, a key customer experience is that of a distributor or retailer.

Take Pepsi for example, which for the past several years responded to unhappy retailers by modernizing its supply chain delivery.

Its new program featured technology upgrades, revised work schedules, and an overhaul of its order taking systems. It is this kind of broad “brand innovation” that is designed to:
- Connect with what is truly relevant to the customer at all levels of distribution.
- Honestly address the gaps in service issues.
- Make it easier to do business with your brand while also improving efficiencies for you.
- Motivate your customer service teams to be more responsive to customer demands, complaints, and needs.

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