Friday, June 16, 2006

Brand Experience

When I used to hear “It’s not AM, it’s not FM, it’s XM”, I thought: What’s the difference? It’s music, it’s radio…it’s the same songs!

But now that I have had it for 3 months, I can tell you it’s a far superior brand experience.

It’s another classic example of what appears to be a two-player market with competitor Sirius, actually being more dominated by XM than people think. XM according to the latest numbers has 71% of the market share of satellite radio users.

Here are my favorite channels. What are yours?

-7, Seventies Hits
-15, Folk
-25, Adult Contemporary
-26, Modern Hits ‘90s & Now
-46, Early Classic Rock
-49, Later Classic Rock
-50, Acoustic Rock
-75, The Sound of Starbucks
-76, Eclectic/Free Form

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