Monday, December 03, 2012

6 of 15 startups building apps for healthcare

Analyze your blood cells!

Holomic has combined a clip-on slide holder with the built-in flash and camera of an Android phone

This technology from Holomic lets users capture “holographic” images of the cells in a blood sample. 

Those files are then sent to hospital-based pathologists, who can scan them for signs of malaria, monitor lymphocyte counts (for people with HIV), and more.

In this 15-part series on the thrilling, disruptive potential of "mHealth," I highlight businesses using mobile technology in health care.

Leveraging the wonders of a device that's fast becoming ubiquitous – two in three people worldwide own a cell phone – a new generation of startups is building apps and add-ons that make your handheld work like high-end medical equipment.

Cheaper, sleeker, and a lot more versatile.

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