Wednesday, December 19, 2012

23 questions to look back at your 2012 wins

It's time to start looking back over 2012.

I started a process about 5 years ago of completing a "Win List" to document the accomplishments -- big and small.

It also help kickstart thinking about next year's goals.

Here are some questions I use to help remember my wins:
  1. What wins or progress did you achieve in your career?
  2. Did you identify a new hobby to focus on?
  3. Did you create any new publications or collections?
  4. Did you delegate any tasks to become more productive? (This could include adding new staff and/or assistants, such as a housekeeper, executive assistant, gardener, errand runner, babysitter, or child care person. It also might include putting new systems into place to increase your efficiency.)
  5. Did you buy, use or learn to use any new technology?
  6. Did you spend more time in nature?
  7. Did you develop any new supportive habits? (such as meditation, exercise, sleep, or gratitude)
  8. Did you overcome any non-supportive habits? (i.e., alcohol, caffeine, sugar, gambling, etc)
  9. How did you grow in leadership?
  10. Did you deliver any presentations or speeches or develop new programs?
  11. Did you develop any new abilities, skills or competencies?
  12. What success did you achieve in the areas of financial income, investments or debt reduction?
  13. Did you create any new relationships or deepen existing relationships?
  14. Did you make any progress in self-development?
  15. Did you attend any positive events (e.g., seminars, lectures, concerts, theater, or sports)?
  16. Did you experience any positive events with your family?
  17. Were there any positive events in relation to your house or apartment?
  18. Did you take any trips or vacations?
  19. Were there any positive additions to your life?
  20. Were there any positive events in your community?
  21. How about any positive events in your spiritual life (e.g., church meditation, retreats, rituals)?
  22. Did you experience any positive events in regards to letting go (e.g., bad habits, negative people, or clutter)?
  23. Did you have any wins in health and fitness (e.g., weight, exercise, cholesterol, sports, or endurance)?

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