Thursday, November 29, 2012

4 of 15 startups building apps for healthcare

Count your calorie burn with precision!

Body Media Armbands are unlike services that calculate calories burned solely from GPS or pedometer data.

These wearable sensors (and companion iOS and Android apps) take all into account: heart rate, perspiration, skin temperature, and heat dissipation, along with time spent lying down and sleeping. 

The accuracy rate is an unprecedented 95%.

In this 15-part series on the thrilling, disruptive potential of "mHealth," I highlight businesses using mobile technology in health care.

Leveraging the wonders of a device that's fast becoming ubiquitous – two in three people worldwide own a cell phone – a new generation of startups is building apps and add-ons that make your handheld work like high-end medical equipment.

Cheaper, sleeker, and a lot more versatile.

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