Tuesday, November 24, 2009

5 B-to-B Brand Ads – and 4 Stinson Brands Ads – That Point in the Right Direction (To The Web)

Blog entry submitted by Nancy Burgess, one of our Verbal Brand CHEMists.

When we use our C.H.E.M. tool to create ads for our clients, we not only Connect with our audience, provide Honest information, and make content Easy to follow, but we also ensure that we Motivate our targets to take action.

In today’s environment, a clear call to action drives customers and potential customers to a website. Unique URLs for each ad can help track the promotional efforts and be a measure of ROI.

In a recent issue of B-to-B Magazine, five campaigns were reviewed specifically on their ability to drive visits to the web site:
  • Energy concern Petrobras had only a scant reference to its Web site, as a standalone element in the bottom left-hand corner of the ad.
  • Deutsche Bank gives readers no incentive to visit its web site.
  • Sun Microsystems and technology services provider Computer Sciences Corp. offer to help companies with their identity and access management programs – with a reason to visit the web to “watch a compelling video on the importance of identity management. ...” Now that's more like it.  (There's one big problem: the URL is 50 characters long.)
  • Adobe Systems offers a URL better look at its product in action and a free trial of the system.
  • IBM Corp’s ad “Leaner. Meaner. Greener” ends on an effective note inviting readers to see a webcast.  The landing page has a talking owl that picks up where the ad leaves off. That's the kind of print/Web synergy that more advertisers need.
Click here to read more about these brand campaigns.

As we at Stinson Brand Innovation are creating campaigns, we also want to point readers in right direction – to the web.
  • Fujirebio Diagnostics is building web traffic from European physicians through an ad we developed for Italian medical journals. The unique URL helps track ROI by associating the specific URL directly to the ad placement.
  • Vivaglobin® ads in a consumer journal urge patients to consult with their doctors about therapy and also encourage them to visit our branded website for more information.
  • Privigen® has an attention-grabbing, die-cut physician ad – a rarity in medical journals, driving physicians and pharmacists to the branded website.
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