Wednesday, November 04, 2009

2 sides of the brain -- and the battle between them

This blog post was submitted by Katie Pendlay, one of STINSON's graphic designers.

If you understand the differences between the functions of the hemispheres of the brain, you are scratching the surface to the age-old problem of why the left brain “Management” and right brain “Creatives” don’t always see eye to eye.

There is a real gap between analytical, logical reality-based Management and the creative, holistic, and impetuous Creatives. Management in business is in the application of the ideas, and Creatives in business is in the ideas themselves.

Compare and contrast these brain functions:

Traditional “ad agencies” get labeled as visual and creative, but not logical. However, many times their clients, who they are pitching ideas to, are the logical Management types.

So what is the solution? A Creative needs to learn to sell their idea to Management using management terms. Using analytical tools to explain creative solutions helps Management understand and buy into these conceptual ideas.

One tool that we could find beneficial in closing this gap, is Stinson Brand Innovation’s proprietary StrategicGPS®. It uses situation analysis and brand insight to develop strategy and tactical initiatives visual, focused, and executable. It helps to direct alignment and execution of tactics and resources. The tool plots relevant findings visually, so its memorable and enhances recall. And it allows use of metrics to track progress over time (time-oriented). It is the perfect blend of visual and logical process that helps Creatives and Management to meet in the middle to solve a problem.

While you’re thinking about this, why not take a Right Brain vs Left Brain test ... will you see the dancer turning clockwise or counterclockwise? Click here to take the test.

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Runner Mama said...

That is a good one! Clearly, I’m left brained and even if I tried to make the dancer turn clockwise, it was not happening! Thanks for sharing.