Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"New Orleans is great, but it ain’t the place this Cajun girl calls home"

Blog entry submitted by Brandy Gonsoulin, client service manager and “project innovator.”

I’m originally from Louisiana, and having transplanted to Oklahoma and currently Chicago, I’ve always encountered the assumption that if I were from Louisiana then invariably I must be from New Orleans. Don’t get me wrong New Orleans is great, but it “ain’t” the place this Cajun girl calls home. (The difference between Creole and Cajun to some natives is like the difference between the Cubs and the White Sox.)

With the Big Easy having always been Louisiana’s tourism flagship, it seemed the most obvious brand association. But after Hurricane Katrina, Louisiana had to find a new strategy. The response was a new tourism campaign under the slogan “This is my Louisiana.” This campaign shifted the focus off the Big Easy and put the focus on known state personalities, as well as locals, sending out the message that the specific differentiation between the food we eat, the culture we enjoy, the language we speak and the way “we pass a good time” are what makes this state one you have to visit.

When it comes to brand associations, what a great way to connect to your current and new audiences – and then put the actual people behind your product, sharing their stories and brand personality.

See more about the "My Louisiana" campaign on www.LouisianaTravel.com

You can also see the campaign background on the agency’s website. Click here to read more.

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