Wednesday, November 11, 2009

100 Top-Seller List at Barnes and Noble -- today is the day for "Living In the Now"

I am a co-author in the book Wake Up Live the Life You Love: Living In the Now featuring over 40 other top professionals from all around the world. We are taking this book to the Best-Seller list today.

It is inspirational, motivational and full of advice anyone can use to find their life’s passion. It teaches us the secret is to live in the now. It is not enough to be alive; we must live in the present moment, or hopes and dreams may never materialize. This book is the perfect gift.

Living in the “now" means more than getting up every day to push back the curtains of possibility. It means, also, that we realize and appreciate everything in our lives, so that life becomes more real, more precious, and more rewarding.

So, please order your copy of the book TODAY.

Click here to purchase your copy.

Here's what readers are saying about the book:

“I find strength, and direction each time I pick up Living In The Now and read even one page. An entire story warms my heart and opens my mind as it guides me into the "now." What an inspirational book from a powerful group of authors! I've already ordered more as gifts!”

“This book contains personal accounts of overcoming challenges and gaining strength and wisdom through choosing to follow ones passions. I find these different stories very helpful, showing us that regardless of what circumstances one has to face, one can develop something much better out of it. Highly recommended! Good gift, good little read.”

“This book is motivational, inspiring, heart-breaking at points. What compelling real-life stories of being empowered to break through the things that hold us back!”

Please remember to order the book today.

Thank you for your help and support – it means a lot to me.

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