Wednesday, September 16, 2009

4 SEO Tips to Move Your Brand Up -- in the Search Results

This blog is by Greg Dosmann, our Associate Creative Director and rockin' web CHEMist

Search engine optimization (SEO) techniques are not quite rocket science; they can be implemented by anyone who wishes to increase the exposure of their web site business.

SEO is all about optimization and is crucial for success on the web. By optimization, I mean two types of methods:
  • On-Page optimization -- editing the web site code and content keyword research, choosing the best keywords used to find your business and coupling this with relevant content that is useful to your readers.
  • Off-Page Optimization -- back linking from quality sites that sell or display information related to your business. This is best achieved through contextual one-way links to your site from a high traffic site where your target audience will browse for information on your products. One-way links shine bright in the eyes of Google, if they are relevant
B to B Magazine recently published a list by Stephen Riegel, director of search and co-founder of Faction Media.

His 4 tips on nudging up the SEO rankings are simple and can be implemented with little effort.
  1. Describe yourself. You should not have “Home” as a descriptor of business in search results unless you’re a Realtor or a builder. Every page on your site should have a unique title and description based on page’s content.
  2. Check title tags. Title tags are among the most important elements of most search engines’ algorighms. Meta information helps the search engines define content as well as provide added relevancy to searchers.
  3. Optimize keywords. Capture your sites internal search results to understand the content navigation needs of your audience. Isolate the terms that are leading towards success and test these directly in a “pay per click” environment.
  4. Localize. Whether you sell directly or through distribution channels, you can support your sales efforts by placing detailed sales contact information on your site. Let your audiences know where and how they can contact you or your distribution partners at the most local of levels.
When you look at it, it’s really another application of C.H.E.M.®
  • Connect relevant information to your website.
  • Honestly define the content of the pages.
  • Easy to optimize content because you know it best.
  • Motivate your audience to locate and contact you.

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