Thursday, September 03, 2009

4 billion opportunities for mobile computing innovations

The blog today is written by Peter Erickson, one of our Verbal Brand CHEM-ists (and mobile evangelist)

A recent article in NYSE Magazine quoted Nokia’s market research that “indicates sometime in the next 12 months the number of people around the world who have cell phones will surpass the 4 billion individuals who use a toothbrush.”

World dental hygiene notwithstanding, this data points to the reach and potential impact of cell phones in our world. The article continues by focusing on the news that Visa and Nokia have teamed up to produce an application that enables next-gen Nokia phone users to access their Visa accounts worldwide, pay for goods and services, transfer money, receive real-time alerts on account activity, and receive discount offers. Consumers don’t even have to live near a bank or ATM.

The Apple iPhone message that “there’s an app for that” makes it clear that not only are mobile computing innovations enabling consumers to do more, they have expanded the range of where information can be exchanged and commerce conducted.

Regardless what device or computing platform we us, mobile innovations like these are making a positive impacting our work and personal lives through increased productivity. And now, many of these consumer-driven innovations have migrated to the healthcare field.

Imagine that your physician can access highly detailed patient information regardless of the practice office. It’s already available. The physician can manage a patient’s health wherever the physician and patient meet – even evaluate and authorize prescriptions. In addition, mobile computing is enabling healthcare professionals to access CME programming though the handsets, and even listen to streaming content design specifically for them.

Our Stinson Brand Innovation White Paper #60: A Look in the Crystal Ball covers this topic in more detail. To read more on mobile computing innovations in the healthcare environment, click here.

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