Wednesday, September 09, 2009

11x26 mm pill with microprocessor -- The iPill

Today's blog was submitted by Norah Tang, an intern with our company and a student at University of Illinois at Chicago in public relations and communications.

It has been a year since Philips announced the patent for its cutting-edge R&D efforts in the development of a remote control pill known as iPill.

The 11-by-26-millimeter capsule is a reality now.

The iPill is a miniature capsule packed with a microprocessor, power supply, medicine reservoir and pump, and a radio. The greatest feature of the pill is to allow doctors to deliver drugs to any particular area by navigating the human digestive system via gauging pH levels, and then communicating to the outside unit via wireless transmitters.

According to Philips, though the current design is a prototype, it is suitable for serial manufacturing.

Click here to view a video on this amazing little robot pill.

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