Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Top 10 reasons I don’t use Yahoo (or eBay)

If you look at the Top 10 searches of 2007, you can only make this diagnosis: people who use Yahoo can’t seem to help but type “Britney Spears” into every search box they come across.

The top queries of the year on Yahoo are:
. Britney Spears
. Paris Hilton
. Naruto
. Beyonce
. Lindsay Lohan
. Rune Scape
. Fantasy Football
. Fergie
. Jessica Alba

It doesn’t get much better on eBay. The number of Britney-related items sold at the online auction site totaled 34,345, compared with 27,377 items associated with Paris Hilton. Items associated with Britney ranged from signed CDs to disposable lighters featuring her likeness. Among the Paris Hilton-related items sold: a toothbrush claimed to have been found in the hotel heiress' trash.

I'm staying off these sites just in case it's contagious.

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melanie said...

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