Friday, December 07, 2007

Friday Book Review: The Art of Thank You

Because gratitude is one of our company's most important ethos, there should be no surprise that "The Art of Thank You" by Connie Leas is a book that I find quite instructive. So I wanted to share a review and highlights that might lead you to want to enjoy it, too.

Sometimes the simplest topics make for the most impressive work. The idea of writing this guide on how to say thank you is just such a topic. Few other two-word phrases hold as much power as thank you. And yet it is something we often forget to do or shy away from.

Leas' book begins with a simple explication on why we should write thank-you notes. She moves on to explain when thank you notes are appropriate - when they are socially required, when they are socially suggested, and when they are completely gratuitous. Next, Leas tackles the form of the note itself. Whether it should be on stationery, in a card, hand written, typed, etc. matter - but not that much, Leas says. However, things she suggests to avoid are email and ecards - she feels they may be considered overly simply or cheap and not very thoughtful. She feels so strongly about it that she says, "It is almost better to not send a thank you at all than to resort to these measures."

The next several chapters are how-to's. Leas goes through conventions for writing social and business thank you's, talks about how to tackle those huge thank-you lists you are likely to face in your life, and how to get kids to get on the thank-you writing bandwagon. Leas ends the book with a chapter about how writing thank-you notes can enlarge the soul.

A lot of people help us out every day. Sometimes it is big help, sometimes it is small. Remembering to say "thank you" makes a difference -- for ourselves and for those we thank. Saying it makes us remember to help others out. And it makes the day of the person we thank.

One tip that is an easy way to remind yourself - setup a gratitude day by putting a repeating note in your calendar. Once a week, once a month, or whatever you need. It gives you that extra encouragement to say those two little words that mean so much.

Thank you for allowing me to share this with you.

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Jenny said...

Thank YOU for the great book ideas throughout your blogs. This is certainly one to add to the library.