Thursday, July 26, 2007

Wired is putting your face where their cover is

Did you ever want to see your face on the cover of a magazine?

Wired Magazine offered 5,000 lucky subscribers the chance to do just that. Giving customers the ultimate narcissistic opportunity may be open for some social commentary, but the part of this that provides fodder for my brain is the innovative partnership between Wired and Xerox that makes the whole experiential stunt possible.

Just yesterday, we had about 15 of our staff in a training session in which we discussed a key element of our Forward. Fast.® model. This element was brand ASSOCIATION. In the case of the magazine cover promotion, it provides an opportunity for both Wired and Xerox to create some association with each other. The tactic links the two companies with a coolness factor neither could fully achieve alone. Plus, it can carry beyond this single project.

Both companies get to provide an example of a quality offering to customers. Xerox gets to showcase its newest uber-high tech press, and Wired gets to show their willingness to champion new technology.

Branding is scientific, but it is mostly emotional. Making the switch from simply brand memorability to higher brand loyalty is what our company strives to accomplish. Let’s keep this search for great associations going. Post your ideas, comments, questions.

In the meantime, create your own novelty Wired cover at

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